Hawaii – The Good

Hawaii has a ridiculous amount of amazing things to offer. A truly ridiculous amount. While you might think the best is the weather or the beaches, I’m here to tell you it isn’t. It’s the mountains. They are, in my opinion, what makes these islands so amazing. That’s not to say that the beaches orContinue reading “Hawaii – The Good”

Great Experiences: Wayfarer Studio Photography

This review is coming long after we actually did this, but I didn’t want to pass the opportunity to go into some detail about our great experience getting some pictures with our friends at Wayfarer Studio Photography. Jen and Isaac Marshall, original Pacific Northwesterners, have taken their passion for telling stories in beautiful detail through picturesContinue reading “Great Experiences: Wayfarer Studio Photography”

Revisit the places that make you happy

I’m really not sure if there is a saying talking about how you shouldn’t go back to places where you’ve been happy, but we don’t believe in that. If you love a place, go back! Go back as many times as you want. We at the Team are all for visiting new places, but weContinue reading “Revisit the places that make you happy”

Photo Gallery: Chasing waterfalls

During this week’s Chuseok break, we have set on a few excursions close to home and not so close. One of those excursions involved finding a couple of waterfalls around the Jungmung tourist area and Seogwipo city. Here are some of the shots I took with my phone on our treks around Cheongjiyeon falls andContinue reading “Photo Gallery: Chasing waterfalls”

Exploring Jeju: U-do island

This week we have been on break for Chuseok (aka Korean Thanksgiving). It’s been great to rest and relax after 6 weeks of nonstop work and settling in since we’ve got here. It’s also allowed us to actually go outside in our own time and start exploring more of the island and its impressive landscape.Continue reading “Exploring Jeju: U-do island”

Chinese New Year – Hong Kong!

So this past Chinese New Year (the Year of the Ram…because goats and sheep are lame), Ana and I went and spent a week in the wonderful city of Hong Kong.  Hong Kong is my favorite city in the world. It takes all the crappy bits of mainland China and strips them away, leaving onlyContinue reading “Chinese New Year – Hong Kong!”

Views from (one of) the Top(s)

Anyone that is acquainted with our travel habits knows by know how much we enjoy viewpoints, and looking down at cities from above. Viewpoints provide a really cool perspective of what a city looks like. Finding a high viewpoint and looking down is always on our to-do list when we travel. It may seem strangeContinue reading “Views from (one of) the Top(s)”