Photo Gallery: Chasing waterfalls

During this week’s Chuseok break, we have set on a few excursions close to home and not so close. One of those excursions involved finding a couple of waterfalls around the Jungmung tourist area and Seogwipo city. Here are some of the shots I took with my phone on our treks around Cheongjiyeon falls andContinue reading “Photo Gallery: Chasing waterfalls”

Exploring Jeju: U-do island

This week we have been on break for Chuseok (aka Korean Thanksgiving). It’s been great to rest and relax after 6 weeks of nonstop work and settling in since we’ve got here. It’s also allowed us to actually go outside in our own time and start exploring more of the island and its impressive landscape.Continue reading “Exploring Jeju: U-do island”

Two fun events in our last weeks in SH

Not everything during our last few weeks in Shanghai was stress and business. Two very cool things happened before we left and I’m glad we got to do both. Well, there was one where it was only me, but it was kind of a big deal. My student teaching seniors graduated. Not that I didn’tContinue reading “Two fun events in our last weeks in SH”

Christmas Break Pt. 4: Melbourne!

In between Beijing and Melbourne, we spent a few days in Hong Kong to recharge. Hong Kong has become a bit of a Happy Place for both of us (it sure was for Cameron; being one of the first places he went to when he started traveling), and it’s our goal destination. We simply loveContinue reading “Christmas Break Pt. 4: Melbourne!”

Beijing 2.0 – for Christmas

There are truly only two reasons why we chose to spend Christmas in Beijing: number one, our friend Amy. She lives there and she had time off. It was more appealing to spend Christmas with a dear friend and by ourselves, much as we like each other’s company. Number two, we wanted to revisit someContinue reading “Beijing 2.0 – for Christmas”