Tourists at Home: We Finally Went Up Diamond Head

You know when you live somewhere and there are landmarks that everyone wants to see when they visit, and you live there, and you never go? Or you don’t go unless someone comes to visit, and you say you were saving it to visit with them, but really, you just never wanted to deal withContinue reading “Tourists at Home: We Finally Went Up Diamond Head”

Spring Break on The Big Island – Only Paid for Meals!

One of the biggest changes for us since coming back to the US is traveling less than we used to when we lived in Asia. Also, we now live in Hawaii, which is far from EVERYTHING (look it up on a map. We are surrounded by ALL THE OCEAN!). The first year anywhere always involvesContinue reading “Spring Break on The Big Island – Only Paid for Meals!”

A little life update: Hawaii Year 2

So this has taken long enough… Since we live our lives in academic years, we are well underway on our second year in Hawaii. This year has been one of fairly unexpected changes and doing things a little bit differently. The school where Cam worked last year closed after 94 years of service. It basicallyContinue reading “A little life update: Hawaii Year 2”

Hawaii – The Good

Hawaii has a ridiculous amount of amazing things to offer. A truly ridiculous amount. While you might think the best is the weather or the beaches, I’m here to tell you it isn’t. It’s the mountains. They are, in my opinion, what makes these islands so amazing. That’s not to say that the beaches orContinue reading “Hawaii – The Good”

2017 Travels: The Happiest Place on Earth

Hello readers! Coming in hot on the first day of 2018! The goal is to catch you up on our travels for 2017 within the first few days of this year so we can start 2018 fresh. Ever since the early days of this Team, one thing has been very clear: Cameron loves Disneyland, andContinue reading “2017 Travels: The Happiest Place on Earth”

Ana Travels Solo – Seattle/Dallas

Last October break I had my first transpacific travel experience on my own. Needless to say, I was fairly worried. If you know me, you know I consider planes a necessary evil to do something I love – travel. I don’t exactly look forward to being locked in a steel coffin for 12+ hours…but thanksContinue reading “Ana Travels Solo – Seattle/Dallas”