Before we Go: A weekend getaway in Busan

Our first time in Busan was an accident – it was an overnight layover we were forced to spend outside the airport. As it turns out, this is the only stamp we have of Korea in our passports except for the one we got when we first started our teaching stint here. That time, BusanContinue reading “Before we Go: A weekend getaway in Busan”

Before we Go: Returning to Udo

This spring we had the chance to return to what may possibly be one of our favorite places in Korea. Udo, a small island off the northeast coast of Jeju, was one of our first adventures when we arrived two years ago. In the early fall, it’s quite striking in its beauty. We had theContinue reading “Before we Go: Returning to Udo”

Before we Go: The DMZ (or, the closest we’ll get to North Korea!)

Hello readers! Have you noticed I’m blogging up a storm? Well, just when I thought I was out of the woods with spring allergies, BAM! I was fine on Sunday, and it’s been an unusually rainy spring. I’ve also been taking allergy pills regularly. Then on Monday, allergies came back to bite me in theContinue reading “Before we Go: The DMZ (or, the closest we’ll get to North Korea!)”

Before we Go: Hiking Hallasan

Well, it finally happened. After monitoring the weather for, well, a year and a half (haha) and a failed attempt in the early fall, we hiked the tallest mountain in Korea a few weeks ago. Mt. Halla is 1,950 meters tall. Based on the fact that our 5th graders climb it at the end ofContinue reading “Before we Go: Hiking Hallasan”

Korean holidays: Seoul for Chuseok!

You know how sometimes you go somewhere multiple times and don’t actually get to see it? When you live in Jeju, that can be Seoul. When living in Jeju, Seoul becomes the place where you go catch international flights. International flights are extremely limited in Jeju (pretty much Japan and China and that’s it), soContinue reading “Korean holidays: Seoul for Chuseok!”

Jeju in the late summer/fall

This year has been strangely warm for the late summer/early fall. It means that the summer was only excruciatingly hot and humid for a short period of time after coming back for the new (academic) year. On the other hand, it means that going outside is generally more pleasant. In true Team McGregor fashion, ourContinue reading “Jeju in the late summer/fall”

Photo Gallery: Chasing waterfalls

During this week’s Chuseok break, we have set on a few excursions close to home and not so close. One of those excursions involved finding a couple of waterfalls around the Jungmung tourist area and Seogwipo city. Here are some of the shots I took with my phone on our treks around Cheongjiyeon falls andContinue reading “Photo Gallery: Chasing waterfalls”

Exploring Jeju: U-do island

This week we have been on break for Chuseok (aka Korean Thanksgiving). It’s been great to rest and relax after 6 weeks of nonstop work and settling in since we’ve got here. It’s also allowed us to actually go outside in our own time and start exploring more of the island and its impressive landscape.Continue reading “Exploring Jeju: U-do island”