Phuket – 2015 (1st Post)

About a week ago now, Ana and I headed off for Phuket (well, actually I left from Malaysia…but a post about that later) to meet up with our good friends Justin and Travis. The trip was just over a week, but what a great week it was! First off you should know however, that atContinue reading “Phuket – 2015 (1st Post)”

Spring Break/Anniversary 2014: Thailand (long overdue!)

Hi all! Analin again. This is also an overdue post, but one worth sharing because a) Thailand is a beautiful, fun country, and b) We are totally keeping up with our goal of being in a different country (or place new to both of us) for our wedding anniversary (March 31). Spring break is notContinue reading “Spring Break/Anniversary 2014: Thailand (long overdue!)”

Christmas Break part 3: Boracay

Our third week of Christmas break was spent in a small island in Visayas – Boracay. This little island has been in the traveler’s spotlight for a while now – and has gotten a lot of buzz in the past couple of years. With buzz comes tourism and development, and with that places sometimes becomeContinue reading “Christmas Break part 3: Boracay”

Highs and Lows of Manila that we don’t have pictures of

There is only going to be one low on this list: Manila’s taxi drivers. One after the other, without any shame, Manila taxi drivers will do their best to scam you. Although taxis are metered, most taxi drivers will insist on driving with it off. Or, upon comparing the different fares you are charged afterContinue reading “Highs and Lows of Manila that we don’t have pictures of”

Christmas Break part 2: Manila!

Hi all! Chinese New Year has come and gone. We returned from a wonderful (albeit rather cold) week in Japan that we’ll have a very hard time putting into words. Cameron will be responsible for updating you on that one. Too many cool things. In the meantime, we wanted to continue sharing with you someContinue reading “Christmas Break part 2: Manila!”