Christmas Break part 3: Boracay

Our third week of Christmas break was spent in a small island in Visayas – Boracay. This little island has been in the traveler’s spotlight for a while now – and has gotten a lot of buzz in the past couple of years. With buzz comes tourism and development, and with that places sometimes becomeContinue reading “Christmas Break part 3: Boracay”

Travel Sightings: Two Lovers Point, Guam

Every country and city has a landmark that everyone visits. It’s that one place that everyone agrees it’s worth going to, regardless of the crowds, or how worn-out by amateur photos it might be. In Guam, that place would be Two Lovers Point. View of Tumon Bay from the Two Lovers Point lookout. The nameContinue reading “Travel Sightings: Two Lovers Point, Guam”

Holiday break part 1: Guam

Hello blog readers! Happy 2014! Yes, I know the first month of the year is more than halfway through. Sorry about that! December, in between functions, me subbing more than I expected, Cameron preparing report cards, and both of us preparing to be away from our Shanghai apartment for 3 weeks, time kind of flewContinue reading “Holiday break part 1: Guam”