This summer in the Pacific Northwest

Hi! This summer started with me in the Dominican Republic, but quite frankly, in between school and pretty much every adult in my family playing musical chairs with the chikungunya virus (it sounds really scary but it’s really just LOTS OF PAIN, headaches and rash), and keeping up with schools, I didn’t take many picturesContinue reading “This summer in the Pacific Northwest”

Short Life Update: what we’re currently doing and what’s coming up

Hi all! This is just a little general life update on both of us: Professional: Cameron: Started his second year at SCIS – this year, teaching 4th grade. Analin: continued subbing at SCIS (2nd year). Continued working on M.Ed at Montana State (finishing my third subject in a week). Taking 2 additional History classes (ofContinue reading “Short Life Update: what we’re currently doing and what’s coming up”

A story for future dinner parties

This is one of those times when something happens to you, and it totally sucks while it’s happening, and for a little while after. Then you calm down and realize you need to put it in your stack of stories for dinner parties. Cameron sent me a text last Tuesday asking me to bring hisContinue reading “A story for future dinner parties”

Spring Break/Anniversary 2014: Thailand (long overdue!)

Hi all! Analin again. This is also an overdue post, but one worth sharing because a) Thailand is a beautiful, fun country, and b) We are totally keeping up with our goal of being in a different country (or place new to both of us) for our wedding anniversary (March 31). Spring break is notContinue reading “Spring Break/Anniversary 2014: Thailand (long overdue!)”

Long overdue: Chinese New Year Celebration at SCIS

The Year of the Horse came with a bang to our school community. It was a lovely function and I was very, very happy I attended. Cameron was backstage with his own kids so we didn’t get to see each other, but it was OK. The Lower School (Pre-K to 5th grade) and the UpperContinue reading “Long overdue: Chinese New Year Celebration at SCIS”

What have we been up to and what’s coming up

Dear all, I just wanted to give you a quick brief on what’s been going on and what’s gonna be up in the next couple of months. Cameron: – Preparing and having student-led conferences this week (reports were that they all went OK). A field trip to the Shanghai Aquarium today. Report cards going homeContinue reading “What have we been up to and what’s coming up”

Christmas Break part 3: Boracay

Our third week of Christmas break was spent in a small island in Visayas – Boracay. This little island has been in the traveler’s spotlight for a while now – and has gotten a lot of buzz in the past couple of years. With buzz comes tourism and development, and with that places sometimes becomeContinue reading “Christmas Break part 3: Boracay”

Highs and Lows of Manila that we don’t have pictures of

There is only going to be one low on this list: Manila’s taxi drivers. One after the other, without any shame, Manila taxi drivers will do their best to scam you. Although taxis are metered, most taxi drivers will insist on driving with it off. Or, upon comparing the different fares you are charged afterContinue reading “Highs and Lows of Manila that we don’t have pictures of”