Phuket – 2015 (1st Post)

About a week ago now, Ana and I headed off for Phuket (well, actually I left from Malaysia…but a post about that later) to meet up with our good friends Justin and Travis. The trip was just over a week, but what a great week it was! First off you should know however, that atContinue reading “Phuket – 2015 (1st Post)”

Spring Break/Anniversary 2014: Thailand (long overdue!)

Hi all! Analin again. This is also an overdue post, but one worth sharing because a) Thailand is a beautiful, fun country, and b) We are totally keeping up with our goal of being in a different country (or place new to both of us) for our wedding anniversary (March 31). Spring break is notContinue reading “Spring Break/Anniversary 2014: Thailand (long overdue!)”