The Mandatory Quarantine Update

Hi friends! What a time it is! Well, let’s see. Here are some life updates that have happened or started to happen when this whole thing started: We are still in Hawaii. When things started taking a turn for the worse in the West Coast, we decided to cancel our spring break trip to Oregon.Continue reading “The Mandatory Quarantine Update”

Best of Oahu: July-Dec. 2018

Hi friends! Despite the fact that the island of Oahu holds 2/3 of the population on these islands, it still has a lot of incredibly beautiful nature, and it’s not hard to become better connected to it with a little intention. Striking sunshine with astonishing color. Green, steep cliffsides and mountains. The vast Pacific surroundingContinue reading “Best of Oahu: July-Dec. 2018”

And just like that…

…2018 is (almost) gone. The past 6 months have been largely focused on transitioning to living in the US again: teaching in the US for the first time, understanding the differences in mentalities, dealing with reverse culture shock (that’ll probably not go away), paying taxes again (YUCK) and not needing to hoard or stock upContinue reading “And just like that…”

Great Experiences: Wayfarer Studio Photography

This review is coming long after we actually did this, but I didn’t want to pass the opportunity to go into some detail about our great experience getting some pictures with our friends at Wayfarer Studio Photography. Jen and Isaac Marshall, original Pacific Northwesterners, have taken their passion for telling stories in beautiful detail through picturesContinue reading “Great Experiences: Wayfarer Studio Photography”

First month-ish in Jeju

We have been in Jeju for about 5 weeks at this point. We finished our third week of school with Meet the Teacher Day – the school’s version of Back to School night. The previous two weeks were a whirlwind of meetings, training, laminating, decorating, unpacking, repacking, breaking, nailing, getting a little lost, being aContinue reading “First month-ish in Jeju”

Two fun events in our last weeks in SH

Not everything during our last few weeks in Shanghai was stress and business. Two very cool things happened before we left and I’m glad we got to do both. Well, there was one where it was only me, but it was kind of a big deal. My student teaching seniors graduated. Not that I didn’tContinue reading “Two fun events in our last weeks in SH”

Last weeks in Shanghai

Hi y’all!!!!! We, the Nomadic Gregors, lived in China for 3 years and lived to tell the tale without anything super scary happening to us (especially on the food department, haha!) We are now in the Land of the VPN Free, more specifically in the beautiful Evergreen State, enjoying some down time (and doggies!!!) andContinue reading “Last weeks in Shanghai”