Two fun events in our last weeks in SH

Not everything during our last few weeks in Shanghai was stress and business. Two very cool things happened before we left and I’m glad we got to do both. Well, there was one where it was only me, but it was kind of a big deal. My student teaching seniors graduated. Not that I didn’tContinue reading “Two fun events in our last weeks in SH”

Last weeks in Shanghai

Hi y’all!!!!! We, the Nomadic Gregors, lived in China for 3 years and lived to tell the tale without anything super scary happening to us (especially on the food department, haha!) We are now in the Land of the VPN Free, more specifically in the beautiful Evergreen State, enjoying some down time (and doggies!!!) andContinue reading “Last weeks in Shanghai”

Beijing 2.0 – for Christmas

There are truly only two reasons why we chose to spend Christmas in Beijing: number one, our friend Amy. She lives there and she had time off. It was more appealing to spend Christmas with a dear friend and by ourselves, much as we like each other’s company. Number two, we wanted to revisit someContinue reading “Beijing 2.0 – for Christmas”

The Year of China Travels Part 3: Xi’an

And so we continue in our account of our holiday break traveling. Xi’an was a short stop in our journey; in fact, the shortest of all. Xi’an is the capital of the Shaanxi province and used to be imperial capital of China for a short period of time. It’s a walled city (at least someContinue reading “The Year of China Travels Part 3: Xi’an”

The Year of China Travels Part 2: Chengdu

Last post of 2015! Not sure it will go live while we are still clocking in 2015, but at least I have started. Update: Didn’t make it. 😦 – it’s January 4. A lot has happened in the past few months. I will make a more “life updates” oriented post after this. For now, IContinue reading “The Year of China Travels Part 2: Chengdu”

Fun Activities: the Shanghai Rolex Masters

Shanghai, the big city it is, has the advantage of attracting very cool events. From sports to some of the biggest acts in the performing arts (classical, pop or otherwise), there is usually rumor of someone coming and quite a few events happening. Among the sporting events that occur in Shanghai every year there isContinue reading “Fun Activities: the Shanghai Rolex Masters”

The Year of China Travels Part 1: Qingdao

Hi all!!!! We’re back!!!!! This is Ana transmitting from my desk because I have a prep period. Haha! The life of a teaching couple is tiring!!!! We’re both out of the house early, we work in opposite sides of Shanghai, we are at school for long hours, well, that’s the job! Understandably, by the timeContinue reading “The Year of China Travels Part 1: Qingdao”

Views from (one of) the Top(s)

Anyone that is acquainted with our travel habits knows by know how much we enjoy viewpoints, and looking down at cities from above. Viewpoints provide a really cool perspective of what a city looks like. Finding a high viewpoint and looking down is always on our to-do list when we travel. It may seem strangeContinue reading “Views from (one of) the Top(s)”

Funky Street Art in Downtown Shanghai

Shanghai tends to have pretty amusing streets. Whether it’s the old person in teddy bear pajamas, or kids with impossibly red cheeks in costumes (so many kids in sheep costumes during the Chinese New Year festivities! It was adorable – but I still don’t know what’s the etiquette when it comes to taking pics ofContinue reading “Funky Street Art in Downtown Shanghai”