Germany Part 1: Munich in July

Our summer travels included a week in Germany, divided into two stints: a large, historic city like Munich, and a smaller region of southern Germany where our host promised we would see “what the majority of Germans live like”. We arrived in Munich by train. The main train station in Munich is within walking distanceContinue reading “Germany Part 1: Munich in July”

Travel Throwback: New Year’s Day Sightseeing in Paris

You best believe we went to the Eiffel Tower.  It’s synonym with Paris, and quite possibly one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. Is it a “tourist trap”? Maybe, but what are you supposed to do, go to Paris and not go to the Eiffel Tower? That’s idiotic, sorry.  We spent most ofContinue reading “Travel Throwback: New Year’s Day Sightseeing in Paris”

Visiting Paris: The Panthéon

Paris is a city full of history. A city that many remarkable individuals have called home, lived and died for. So it’s only natural that Paris would lay its most illustrious children to rest in an absolutely fabulous, and grand building. That’s the Panthéon.  The Panthéon’s dome dominates the 5th arrondissement’s Latin Quarter. It’s nothingContinue reading “Visiting Paris: The Panthéon”

Triumphant Return – Paris Once Again!

We’ve got one post up about Paris, but I thought it time for another. I do know, however, that Ana has more in the works as it was her first time to Paris. It was the first time I’d been back to Paris in, well I’m not sure how long, but over a decade. AndContinue reading “Triumphant Return – Paris Once Again!”

Winter Break 2021 – Our Paris Home base, Bastille

Is there truly anything that hasn’t been said about Paris? Maybe not, but again, no one’s experience is ours, so let’s talk about our nine days in Paris last December.  Paris was a new experience for one of us but not the other, so there were definitely things that Cam wanted to do with moreContinue reading “Winter Break 2021 – Our Paris Home base, Bastille”