The much anticipated pictures…haha / Las muy anticipadas fotos

Hey! First off, yes, we fell into the trap everyone falls into. Too busy to blog. We are sorry. We know there are so many people keeping us in their thoughts and praying for us and hoping everything is okay, and that we adapt nicely, and so forth. The least we can do is getContinue reading “The much anticipated pictures…haha / Las muy anticipadas fotos”

2 Semanas en Shanghai

Hola! Las primeras dos semanas han estado bastante ocupadas desde nuestra llegada a Shanghai. Asi que vamos desde el principio. Este era mi primer vuelo transoceanico y el primero de mas de 6 horas. Todo el que me conoce sabe de mi aversion a los aviones – ultimadamente son un cilindro de metal…en el aire…aContinue reading “2 Semanas en Shanghai”

And awwwwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyy we go!

So here we are, our first blog post on our brand new blog! Here’s where you’ll find all our stories, some photos along with links to others and whatever else you need to get you Cameron and Analin fix whilst we’re away in Shanghai! I don’t forsee us having any real trouble accessing our blog whileContinue reading “And awwwwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyy we go!”