Saudi Update – Missiles and More!

Welcome back to our wonderous, fabulous blog! It’s time for a bit of an update on our time here in the KSA! We started school almost 2 weeks ago and while Ana is teaching in person (mostly), I am still 100% remote. The Saudi Ministry of Health has its own guidelines that we are following.Continue reading “Saudi Update – Missiles and More!”

Last Days in Hawaii and North Shore Oahu Favorites

Every move has its twists and turns. For the end of our stint in Hawaii, we had the following timeline: Finishing work in early June Vacating our apartment in early June Leaving the state in mid-June We would have loved to stay in our apartment a little longer, but our landlords wanted to have theContinue reading “Last Days in Hawaii and North Shore Oahu Favorites”

Saudi…with a picture!

Hey all, So it is Tuesday and our third day of work here and Saturday and so far it’s been a pretty great experience though we do feel a bit overwhelmed with work coming into a coronavirus related world and a new school. There are a great deal of many things to be done andContinue reading “Saudi…with a picture!”

Life/Summer Update: Leaving Hawaii and Next Location

Without any intention of doing so, we will leave Hawaii exactly three years after we moved here. We flew into Hawaii to move here on July 15, 2018, We left for good on July 16, 2021. So I guess three years and one day. In true fashion for the team, we’re going to a placeContinue reading “Life/Summer Update: Leaving Hawaii and Next Location”

Tourists at Home: We Finally Went Up Diamond Head

You know when you live somewhere and there are landmarks that everyone wants to see when they visit, and you live there, and you never go? Or you don’t go unless someone comes to visit, and you say you were saving it to visit with them, but really, you just never wanted to deal withContinue reading “Tourists at Home: We Finally Went Up Diamond Head”