Season 2: Ep. 4 – Recruitment Agencies

Hey everyone, we’re sorry for the delay (we had issues uploading to YouTube), but here is Episode #4 of this season where we are looking at International Teacher Recruitment Agencies.

Let’s get things going and get ready to apply for #internationaleducation jobs! Today it’s all about recruitment agencies: How they can help you find your ideal job and school, what you need to set up your candidate profile, and what to look for in an ideal recruitment agency!

DISCLAIMER: We are registered candidates with Search Associates and have been hired for multiple positions through their services. This episode is not associated or sponsored by Search Associates. All opinions are our own and based on our personal experiences. 

Agencies mentioned: 

* International Schools Services:

* Search Associates:

* TES:

* Teacher Horizons:

* Carney Sandoe:

* The International Educator:


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Thanks for watching!

Cam & Ana

Season 2 – Ep. 4

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Season 2 – Ep. 4

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