Salzburg – The Foothills of the Alps

Nestled in the foothills of the Alps, we decided to go to Salzburg without any particular reasoning. We had considered Innsbruck or going straight to Munich or elsewhere in Germany, but eventually settled on Salzburg. We knew it was the birthplace of Mozart, though this only played a small role in our decision. In the end, we could not have been happier with our choice to stay in this small town. Our only regret is we didn’t stay longer.

Salzburg was small enough for us to walk everywhere without the need for a taxi or Uber. We saw several interesting sights whilst in Salzburg, starting with the Schloss Mirabel. We didn’t get to explore any particulars of this palace but instead decided to use the beautiful weather to enjoy the palace grounds and gardens.

We found Europe’s largest Dwarf garden, a simple, yet beautiful rose garden, and a fountain and band. It was small, but perfect for strolling and enjoying the weather and greenery after the yellow and gold of the Middle East.

Next up was Mozart’s birthplace. His childhood home has been turned into a museum with details of his parents (his father was also a musician) and his childhood and adolescence. We were able to see pieces of music he wrote, some of his old instruments, and a man from the museum playing some of Mozart’s most famous pieces.

Outside of Mozart’s childhood home

The highlight of Salzburg, however, aside from the adorable streets and cafes, was the Festung Hohensalzburg, an 11th-century fortress, and seat of the archbishops of the Holy Roman Empire in the area. This fortress was not only interesting in its architecture and age, but also for the views it provided from its highest tower. It provided picturesque views of the city, the surrounding area, and the Alps. It also had some of the most hilarious signage for a museum we’ve ever seen.

Aside from these, we spent our time in Salzburg enjoying wandering the streets, drinking Austrian wine, and eating gelato. There were so many lovely places to sit and just enjoy the beautiful weather. Salzburg was an unexpectedly happy stop during our trip and ended up being an absolute highlight. We hope to return again someday soon!

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