101 Things in 1001 Days – Part 5

Okay, so it’s been a bit since I last updated, but here we are back on track! I (and we) should have more posts coming in the next couple of weeks!

As I said in the last post, this one I’m going to focus on a few books I read. One of my goals was to read a book on finance and another was to read the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I’ll start with Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You to Be Rich.

Ana and I both read this book as it was a goal we both had to help us reorganize and set straight our finances. Ramit’s book does a wonderful job of helping you do that. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, in fact there’s nothing quick about his plans. He lays out a six wee k plan to help you learn everything you need to do to start taking control of your finances (He is no way claims you’ll be rich after six weeks, but rather have a plan to pay off debt or start saving for retirement). He helps create plans to payoff debt, automate your finances, and build and save for your future (e.g. years away, not how to get rich in a year or two or even five). It’s a super easy read and it’s helped us tackle our own debt and do a better job of building our retirement.

Ramit Sethi’s Twitter Profile Pic
Ramit via his Twitter (@Ramit)

We also find Ramit to be hilarious and full of wonderful advice. His Instagram is great (@Ramit if you’re curious) as well as his I Will Teach You to be Rich podcast where he goes over finances with couples and roots out their problems to issues that are really about a lot more than money. It’s 2 parts finance podcast, 1 part psychology with a dash of relationship advice thrown in. It’s fantastic, please check it out.

Ramit’s book I Will Teach You to be Rich (also via his Twitter)

The next set of goals I had to read, was the read the Lord of the Rings. I grew up loving the animated series of the Hobbit and the trilogy so I decided it was finally time to read the books.

Photo via Penguin Random House

It took me a while to get through these, especially the 2nd book, LOTR: The Two Towers. The first book, however, was my favorite. Sure there were more bits about the Shire than I cared to read and quite a few songs (SO many songs), but I really enjoyed the parts with Tom Bombadil that didn’t make it into the movie. It added a bit more mystery and depth to the story and I wanted to explore that more, though considering the length of the movies, I understand why it was left out. I think it would be a fun thing (going back to the first age) for Amazon to explore even though their new series takes place during the second age. The third book was also a fun read and unlike the first book, I enjoyed learning more about Merry, Pip, Sam, and Frodo after their return to the Shire.

Overall, even though it took me several months to power through these, I found them to be more enjoyable than I thought they would and as I reflect on them, I keep finding them more enjoyable. Some books you read and like and forget about. These ones I read, found okay, but kept thinking about and the more I thought, the more I enjoyed them. They are to me not unlike Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series which most certainly gets slow in books 4 and 5, but overall is a wonderful series.

Anyways, that is all for now! I hope you have enjoyed and I’ll be posting another 101 things soon about some items I will NOT be able to finish 🙁.

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