101 Things in 1001 Days – Completed – part 3

So this small session, I’ll write about a couple recent ones that I just finished up. Now, I won’t write about. ALL the tasks on my 101 things as some, well some just aren’t worth writing about. Buying a father a Soundbar? Sure that’s great, but doesn’t make for compelling reading. Others, however, I have more opinions on.

This one will likely be shorter, but no less important (though no photos). One of the items on my list was to get my back waxed. As humans we are part of the Great Ape family. Compared to our ape counterparts, we have evolved to have less hair….generally. There are exceptions and I am certainly one of these exceptions.

I got my back waxed for the first time a few months ago and for a second time just recently. Let me tell you a secret. It sucks both times. Hated it. Will try it a third to see what it’s like when it’s more regular, but overall….hated it. If anyone remembers that scene from 40 Year-Old Virgin, well that’s me. That was exactly me and each time that strip came ‘fwipping’ off, I screamed some obscenity. We’ll see what the third time is like, but if it’s no better then back to ape-likeness for me.

The other small accomplished task was to stretch 5 minutes every day for at least 30 days. I’ve wanted to stretch more regularly for a while, but it became more pressing recently as upon moving to Saudi Arabia, I tweaked my hip/groin to the point I couldn’t move/sit as normally as I’d like. It got better, then got worse so I started stretching in January to see what that might do.

Overall, stretching seems to be really helping. Physical therapy did as well and I’ll start that up soon, but mostly what was interesting about accomplishing this goal (aside from finally getting some semblance of relief) is the method I used to help me achieve it.

I used an app called StickK. This app allows you to set a goal and add a referee if you’d like (who fills out a report for you at whatever interval you set to see if you’ve been meeting your goal). Most interestingly, however, it lets you set up a payment system to either something you like (a charity of your choice – the reward) or an organization you might detest. If you fail to meet your goal, money is either sent to an organization you support or one you don’t depending on what you chose.

I chose the NRA as it’s something I do not support. While I did not have a referee for this particular goal, Ana was quite adamant about my stretching so that I did not end up donating any money to them (there are all sorts of organizations however, no matter your political or religious bend).

I am happy to say I made it the 30 days without and continue to stretch even after having completed this particular goal. I still have hip pain and far less mobility than I did before, but it’s a work in progress.

So if you’re interested in setting up goals and need that external reward to help you achieve a goal (as our brains operate on rewards – read Dr. Jud Brewer’s Unwinding Anxiety for more info on how our brain uses rewards and coping mechanisms), then here is the link for StickK. Enjoy!

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