Ireland – Part 2

So after a brief introduction into Dublin, Ana and I did a bit more exploring. We checked out St. Patrick’s cathedral, walked and shopped along Grafton street, ate some delicious Irish breakfasts (of which I think I ate hastily without any photos…sorry! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ), and of course, drank more Guinness. We also had lunch at the actual Temple Bar, one of the few times we actually ate indoors during this whole three-week trip.

There were several things about Dublin that stood out to me in my first time there. One was all the Vegan posters around. For a country that seems to love its meat, particularly sausage, the vegan posters were certainly unexpected as they were quite prevalent.

Another surprise were the lack of tourists in what seemed to be an extremely touristy section of Dublin. Perhaps it was like Waikiki during lockdowns when there simply were no tourists and locals reclaimed those spots, or perhaps locals just love the places as well. Either way, it was lovely to see places filled with locals out enjoying a pint and not tourists.

It really helped that Dublin was also a completely walkable city. Anywhere we wanted to really go (for the most part) was never really further than a few kilometers away. As such, we were able to some of my favorite travel: no-itinerary, self-guided, finding cool looking street travel.

I love being able to just explore areas that seem interesting. It’s where I’ve found the best restaurants, hidden gems of sightseeing, and met and seen the most interesting people and places. We don’t always travel this way, but Ana and I have found a place we’re both comfortable with when it comes to planning.

Anyways, enjoy a few of the photos we have of Dublin!

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