101 Things in 1,001 Days

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far away I (Cam) came across this ‘challenge’ for lack of a better term. It was 101 things you wanted to do in 1001 days from a site called the Day Zero Project (if after reading, you’re interested, here’s the link: DayZero).

I believe I started it when I was teaching in Russia as I distinctly remember it being up on my Russian blog at the time (memories!), but I can’t remember if that’s when it began.

Anyways, about 2 years ago, I decided to pick it up again, set some goals, and see what I could accomplish. I modified it a bit as I laid out goals on my to-do planner to keep track so instead of 1001 days, I added an extra 94 to make an even three years (seemed easier).

I entered my final year in November, not having hit as many goals as I would have liked, but am attempting to kick up into higher gear this year while simultaneously preparing my next one. This blog will be the first of several about my experiences working on these 101 things.

Let me start by saying that some of the goals I set out to achieve have been waylaid by the pandemic. There were quite a few travel goals that, while I’ve still traveled some, I’ve decided to let go as they weren’t at the top of my travel list. So here is my list:

  • Pay off 1 student loan
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Write a novella/short story
  • Read 100 books (50 fiction/50 non-fiction)
  • Be able to read one book in Spanish without the use of a dictionary
  • Read one book in Russian WITH a dictionary
  • Read 10 ‘classic’ novels (this, like some others, fulfills more than one goal – i.e. reading 100 books).
  • Take dancing lessons/classes
  • Attend a midnight movie premier
  • Visit Las Vegas again
  • Visit Disneyland again (uhhh Star Wars world anyone? Now I’m waiting for Avengers to be finished 😀)
  • Wake up early for a sunrise walk on the beach
  • Learn to cook Moro (a favorite Dominican dish of mine)
  • Visit Crater Lake, OR
  • Visit Clear Lake, OR
  • Be fluent in Spanish
  • Play and beat a video game and ALL its side quests
  • Spend a day going to yard sales!
  • Learn to make an Origami crane
  • Do a 1000 piece puzzle
  • Complete one book of crosswords
  • Complete a 365 Day photo challenge
  • Take 1 years worth of progress pics on my fitness journey (which has really been a hike with lots of ups and downs).
  • Buy fresh flowers once a week for 6 months
  • Put $10 in savings for each goal complete
  • Get SCUBA certified
  • Be able to regularly touch my toes
  • Stretch every day for a month
  • Learn to speak with a good Yoda voice
  • Get a manicure – maybe pedicure
  • Read a few books about Star Wars – the Old Republic
  • Reread V for Vendetta
  • Reread Harry Potter
  • Reread Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials
  • Don’t complain about anything for a week!
  • Get hired for a web/dev project
  • Have dinner by candlelight once
  • Go to 5 new museums
  • Learn a poem by heart
  • Buy myself a nice watch
  • Create 1 piece of artwork
  • Make bread once a month for 6 months
  • Start and finish a NaNoWriMo
  • Buy a keyboard (piano kind, not computer kind)
  • Learn to play 1 song on the guitar with a pick
  • Learn to fingerpick on song on the guitar
  • Start creating an international school website (an idea I once had…not sure its something I want to do anymore)
  • Meditate every day for a month
  • Finish all the courses I signed up for on Udemy (😂 not bloody likely!)
  • Do yoga once a week for 3 months
  • Build a computer
  • Develop a new hobby
  • Finish building Ana’s copywriting website
  • Listen to 12 new albums
  • Make a list of 101 quotes that inspire me
  • Learn to Solder
  • Watch every best picture winner
  • Make dinner once a week for a month (cooking stresses my out to no end – so Ana cooks and I handle the dishes, but I want to try being more of a cook)
  • Spend time reading DC/Marvel back comics
  • Buy/make my first piece cosplay – probably Star Wars, but maybe Saga!
  • Buy a new suit
  • Learn to make dumplings
  • Update my instagram once a day for a month
  • Learn to juggle off the wall
  • Learn to do 1 sleight of hand trick
  • Write and mail a letter to Ana once a month for 6 months
  • Return to the Washington Peninsula and the Ho Rainforest
  • Go to at least 2 concerts
  • Create an iPhone app to put on the App Store
  • Record a simple song
  • Be conversational in Russian and Arabic (I’ve forgotten so much Russian and Arabic…whew, easier said than done!)
  • Get a dog
  • Create/edit a Wikipedia entry
  • Start a new tradition with Ana
  • Over decorate our place for Christmas
  • Buy a nice piece of furniture!
  • Buy 1 clothing item that’s designer
  • Create a will
  • Read at least one book on investing/finance
  • Send out Holiday cards on time
  • Play 1 board game a week for a month
  • Grill a rack of ribs
  • Find and listen to a new podcast for a month
  • Buy my father a Soundbar for his birthday
  • Spend a week hiding loving notes for Ana to find
  • Go fishing
  • Try getting my back waxed
  • Learn to make a great cappuccino or latte
  • Revisit the Japanese Gardens in Portland
  • Return to the Newport Aquarium
  • Buy a comic worth at least $100
  • Buy a new iPad
  • Read Lord of the Rings
  • Stay one night at a nice hotel in Hawaii
  • Do the Dole Hedge Maze (Oahu)
  • Sell at least 5 comic books
  • Build a living room fort with Ana
  • Spend a rainy (or normal) day in my PJs watching movies
  • Buy a jar of black caviar

Whew, so there might be more than 101 on there and there’s definitely some items where I just ran out of ideas! There’s also a number of goals on here that I wasn’t sure I wanted to put out in public, but as I continue on this quest, I am learning to be more open and work on my growth mindset (a book I’m finally reading).

The next post, I’ll start tackling a few on the ones I’ve completed.

If you’d like to do this or have done this, let us know!

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Living and teaching in the Middle East - previously in China, South Korea, and Hawaii (US). This is our blog dedicated to our travels and life living abroad...as well as some other fun stuff!

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