Life/Summer Update: Leaving Hawaii and Next Location

Without any intention of doing so, we will leave Hawaii exactly three years after we moved here.

We flew into Hawaii to move here on July 15, 2018,

We left for good on July 16, 2021.

So I guess three years and one day.

In true fashion for the team, we’re going to a place we were not fully planning on going, and will BOTH teach Middle School Social Studies in Saudi Arabia starting in August. So we will be back in the same school AND the same calendar (YAY!). We will also be in the same department…with one more person (the 8th grade Social Studies teacher). God have mercy on her soul. LOL

We’ll go into what the visa process has involved in a future post. It’s definitely the most intense process we have gone through and we’re very grateful that we were in the US to do it.

We are now at Headquarters in Oregon, going outside as much as we can and getting as ready as we can for the move.

Here is a map showing where the Eastern Province is – and where we will be in relation to other Gulf Countries:

Saudi Arabia is very, very large.

You can’t really see Bahrain in the map; it’s a small island, but it will be the closest country we will have. About a 40 minute drive in good traffic. I included an expanded map because it shows where we will be in the grand scheme of things.

So with this, we’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest, the Caribbean, East Asia, the middle of the Pacific…and are now heading to the Middle East.

Exciting times!

There is definitely a lot we are excited about.

Most importantly, we are excited to go back abroad.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer!


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Living and teaching in the Middle East - previously in China, South Korea, and Hawaii (US). This is our blog dedicated to our travels and life living well as some other fun stuff!

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