#favoritethings: Coffee by the Water

I think we can all agree that in the times we’re living in, we are all trying to build practices that help us maintain our sanity and build joy through simple things.

Our Saturday mornings involve drinking coffee for…well, a few hours.

On Sunday mornings, we drink coffee for, again, a few hours.

I posted about this new ritual of ours on my Instagram a few weeks ago, and so many people loved this idea that I feel it’s worth sharing through a longer blog post.

A former colleague of ours told us about her version of Coffee By the Water years ago when we lived in Jeju, a 10 minute drive from the water: she would make coffee, put it in a tumbler, and then drive by the ocean to have her coffee with a view. In a time when we all need to find nourishing activities that help us preserve our sanity, this has turned out to be a great consistent activity to look forward to. Saturday mornings we get up, drink water, throw some clothes on, get coffee, and go. We would normally make coffee at home, but we’re still burning through a bunch of coffee gift certificates we got at Christmas, so we may not be making our own coffee…maybe up until Spring Break.

If you don’t have water nearby, then just find your favorite spot and go there for a little bit at the end of the week. These are two of our spots:

We stay in the car or just get out to the viewpoint at this spot. It’s a cliff in the fancy part of East Honolulu.
This spot is kind of a park and it has picnic tables and benches, which allows for sitting while socially distancing. Locals come to this spot to fish and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP).

We love this new tradition and hope to find different spots as time goes by. What other spots do you think are good for having coffee and reflect/watch life pass you by?

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