Best of Oahu: July-Dec. 2018

Hi friends!

Despite the fact that the island of Oahu holds 2/3 of the population on these islands, it still has a lot of incredibly beautiful nature, and it’s not hard to become better connected to it with a little intention. Striking sunshine with astonishing color. Green, steep cliffsides and mountains. The vast Pacific surrounding us. And seriously, a rainbow almost

Nature, and how accessible it is, has definitely been the most enjoyable part of living in Oahu. It doesn’t take a long drive to be at the beach, a trail, or by the mountains. It’s very refreshing.


As promised, a little taste of rainbows. We usually see one a day on our way home from work.


Coming back to the US has meant indulging access to hard copy books. We go to the used bookstores, and the Public Library (one single statewide system, and very well resourced!) often. Cameron also goes to New Comic Book day most Wednesdays.


It’s been a good six months and we are looking forward to new adventures this upcoming year. From our family to yours, cheers to 2019! Be happy, safe and blessed.

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