Photo Gallery: NYC 2017

I’m not going to sit here and tell you what to do when you go to New York City. NYC has to be the most talked-about and reviewed city in the world. Like a colleague said after her recent visit; it’s so cliché to love New York. Yet travelers from all over the world go to New York City expecting to hate it, and they don’t. People move there every day without a plan just to be there and make it a part of their lives, to unfold their lives in that massive five-borough space.

Cameron had hyped Hong Kong for as long as I knew him, and I still remember how nervous he was about whether I would like Hong Kong or not the first time we went together (was that a test?). Even though I had never really gone to NYC as an adult and with my own agenda, I’ve loved it since I first went at five years old, and was incredibly excited when the opportunity presented itself to squeeze NYC into our Spring Break last year (including a dear friend with place for us to stay in the Lower East Side!). I had probably hyped NYC to Cameron the same way, and so of course off we went, to find all the movie and Seinfeld references that had informed his knowledge of NYC up until that point.

I really wanted Cameron to like NYC. And he did.

Once again we went on the trip on the Non-Plan Plan, and there wasn’t a whole lot that was a must-do. My must do’s included The Met and the 9/11 Memorial. I thought the Statue of Liberty was going to be my other must-do, but then we got on the (free!) Staten Island ferry and got some good shots of it with our camera, which was plenty for both of us, so we decided to not try to go.

We lucked out on the 9/11 Memorial and got in on Free Admission Tuesday. The Memorial is definitely worth going, especially if you had been to the World Trade Center before. I did on one of our first trips to NY when I was little, and remember going to the top to see the view with my dad and my sisters. Once in the memorial, I realized I had been a second time, and didn’t even remember it – to the Warner Brothers Studio Store which used to be in one of the towers. The Warner signs debris is now part of one of the exhibits – and then I remembered.

Being the first days of spring, the weather was not perfect and not much was in bloom, but it cooperated enough for us to walk everywhere and have some nice sunny days.

Here is some what we captured. See it for yourself. New York City is everything the books, the songs and the movies say, and so much more. And like us, start plotting your next trip there.

Until the next adventure,

The Nomadic Gregors


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