Watching for Wanderlust: South Pacific

In the past couple of days, we’ve been revisiting some of the magnificent work the BBC has done on their Earth documentaries: Planet Earth II, Blue Planet, and others. If you can’t travel, it’s a beautiful way to see the world. The people behind these shows have made an incredible job at capturing the beauty of our planet as undisturbed as possible. They’ve also done a pretty spectacular job at getting to hard-to-reach places and showing us things that maybe we wouldn’t see, even as experienced travelers (example: snow leopards in the Himalayas).

This week, we’ve discovered a new little gem among these programs: South Pacific. It focuses on the Pacific Ocean itself as a source of life, and very particularly in the animals and people that have managed to make it to the islands that are scattered among the Pacific, some of which are among the most remote places on the planet. Our soon-to-be home, the Hawaiian Islands, are of course featured, as they are smack in the middle of the Pacific and have pretty unique flora and fauna.

It is just breathtaking to see animals and people adapting to some of the harshest conditions on Earth. Seeing animals living in places where it’s technically impossible for them to live (penguins in the Galapagos islands!) – all because the Pacific provides the conditions to sustain all kinds of different needs that different species might have.

We haven’t gotten too far in it (we’re in the middle of ep. 2) but we are loving it! If you want to see beautiful places, I highly recommend it.

On another note, this show is not narrated by David Attenborough – it’s narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, who does a pretty good job narrating! It was an interesting surprise and would be nice if he would narrate more.

If you have Netflix, I recommend looking into the other documentaries the BBC Earth people have done. It’s just spectacular filming and a wonderful way to see the world, so to speak!

Very excited for our visit to Oregon on spring break (is it here yet?)

Go watch South Pacific!

The Team

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