Appreciating Seasons

It is finally springtime in Jeju. Winters here are rather mild, but still have a degree of bitterness to them. The greatest culprit of that is the wind. Jeju is often hit by winds of close to 30 miles per hour…so that can make anywhere feel extra cold. We got three snows over the course of the winter, and while they did make one recess pretty uncomfortable for me – the wind was blowing the snow sideways – it could definitely be worse and longer.

Cameron has always commented on how he prefers places with defined seasons because it helps with awareness of time actually going by – this is especially important when your sanity is at stake (I work in elementary school now, I understand more than ever!). The change of seasons means finding light at the end of the tunnel when school gets impossibly busy and the school year continues to test our ability as teachers to keep track of the many things (and people!) we are responsible for.

This year, however, he has commented on another aspect of his preference for four defined seasons:

You are so much more grateful for the nice weather when it comes. Allergies included 🙂

Spring in Jeju has even meant discovering more of the nature that is around us. It has let us find out that the trees that line up the paths in our apartment complex are in fact cherry blossoms! For a brief time, our complex and surrounding streets (as well as many of the main avenues in the island) were lined with the delicate, soft pink flowers that signal the dawn of spring in many places around the world. Many of the cherry trees in Jeju are very young and not very tall. In other places, the blossoms have been there for several decades, so when they bloom, it makes a lovely canopy of soft pink flowers above pedestrians and cars. It’s also rather fun to see the petals blow away with the wind.

Now the cherry blossoms are gone and small green foliage has taken their place. Still, Jeju streets are still lined with a variety of wild flowers – that I have yet to photograph – that definitely make drives and walks more pleasant. In a place with so much black volcanic rock, pops of color are always welcome.

Enjoy some pictures of flowers!

With love, sunny skies, and fresh starts,


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