A Quarter in the Life…

Hello fellow nomads (and dwellers, we love you too!)

This is Ana reporting from Jeju – I guess a sick day is as good a day as any to give the good old blog some love 🙂 Maybe I need to download the WordPress app on my phone so I can update the blog more frequently. If you can’t wait around for blog posts, because let’s be honest, we are TERRIBLE at this, you can always follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (@analinmcgregor) for more frequent updates (but not daily).

In the time between our last update, we went back to Waldport for Christmas (and it was lovely), spent the laziest, most relaxing Lunar New Year at home, survived the very windy Jeju winter (people are NOT joking when they say bring winter gear), found out THREE of our former Shanghai colleagues are coming to teach in Jeju next year (YAY!!!!!), and had a wonderful spring break in NY and the Dominican (there may be separate posts for some of these later). In between Lunar New Year and spring break, things were insanely busy at school, and now after spring break they show no sign of slowing down. We have a long stretch ahead of us (one week down, now in the middle of the second week of 11 before the end of the school year) and are very grateful for nice weather (finally!!!) and blossoming trees to make it more bearable.

The life of a teacher is definitely an interesting routine. One would imagine that routine is bad in most professions, but in teaching, it’s nice to nail routine down. If you’re at a point of the year where there are no curveballs coming your way, that’s great, you can probably go on about your job and enjoy some normalcy. Right now, we are in a bit of a slow-ish place at school (although this past week, the first back did feel quite busy and that “lull” will be over next week) but that won’t last. It’s a good thing, because time goes by fast, but it’s also not good because there is not a lot of time to catch your breath before you must move on to the next thing.

The winter also involved going back and forth between actively looking for jobs (for myself) and deciding to do another year in my current position (for a number of reasons I’m not going to go into). It definitely made me realize how competitive teaching is, both back home and abroad, and so I will be spending some time during next school year making sure I can get some relevant professional development that can help me get a better job the year after next.

The next couple of posts will be some galleries of some of the sights we’ve seen in the past few months. There’s been oceans and tall cliffs, glaciers from airplane windows, clouds of delicate blossoms, architectural gems, peace and quiet in the form of blue skies and palm trees, laughs with family and friends, but most importantly, we’ve done all of this together. Stay tuned!

With love and treasured memories,



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