Okay, so Ana has been the one posting these for…….well a really long time, and now it’s my turn. I’ve been slacking.

A few weeks ago, An and I took a trip to Vietnam! It was somewhere in Asia neither of us had been, so we booked a trip to Ho Chi Minh City! It started with leaving Jeju and a 9 hour layover in Guangzhou, which actually wasn’t too horrible. China Southern put us up in a hotel and we were able to get some sleep…so there’s that.

Anyways, we arrived in HCMC and promptly took a nap, which worked out well since it decided to absolutely piss rain. It rained a lot for the first few days in HCMC, but didn’t really deter us too much.

HCMC was great! We were able to see the War Museum, which really makes you think about all that happened, but was also quite one-sided. It had some interesting propaganda and some cool old remnants from the war. We also checked out a few other sites, like the Notre Dame church, the central market there and what have you. There were some other sites we didn’t have a chance to see (Mekong Delta and some cool tunnels) just cause we didn’t have enough time.

But let’s get to it. Really, we went to Vietnam for two reasons:

  1. To relax at the beach (it was a gift to ourselves for our upcoming 5 year wedding anniversary).
  2. To eat. And ohhhhhh did we eat!

Before the pics, the beach was amazing. We went to Mui Ne. It was a 4 hour bus ride, which was actually very nice (the buses had fully reclinable seats, like first/business on flights. And wifi. How are buses not like this everywhere???)

Our resort was outside the city of Mui Ne a bit, but very relaxed and very nice. We had our own ocean view villa with our own pool. F’me it was really nice. Outdoor shower and all sorts of awesome things. Mosquitoes weren’t great, but not horrible either. We did have frogs around, which Ana hated, but not much we could do about that. It was a super relaxing couple of days and we absolutely loved it!

The food, however, was the best part of the entire trip. The pho…..holy hell it was amazing. The banh mi? Incredible. Everything was fantastic. I don’t think we ate anything that wasn’t amazing and I can’t even talk about all of it. It was just. so. good. Ugh. The first day we arrived, between 4:30 and 9:30, we ate dinner 3 times. Three full dinners. That’s how good the food was.

Anyways, here’s the pics. Enjoy!

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