Last weeks in Shanghai

Hi y’all!!!!!

We, the Nomadic Gregors, lived in China for 3 years and lived to tell the tale without anything super scary happening to us (especially on the food department, haha!)

We are now in the Land of the VPN Free, more specifically in the beautiful Evergreen State, enjoying some down time (and doggies!!!) and watching all the soccer our guts can handle. It’s a beautiful thing.

Our last few weeks went in a blur, just as expected. There were some arguments, and some crying, and lots of panic during the getting rid of stuff process, but downsizing is always a good exercise. We started packing and advertising for stuff to sell around mid-May, after taking some stuff to Jeju during our look-see visit. During May and June, our apartment was a giant mess of bags, taken-apart stuff, and bubble wrap.

We did get a few nice days here and there – springs in Shanghai are rather rainy, during which – while running errands – we went to the city and got some soothing sights like this:

The Jing’an district in Shanghai is easily one of our favorite parts of town. These are signature trees lining its streets.

The last few days were pretty much spent doing last minute packing and deliveries, saying goodbye (or see you soon!) to people, and trying to soak it all in. This is what Cameron’s classroom looked like after being all packed up. He had to pack up every year but since he wasn’t coming back this year, it became a bit more significant so I snapped this picture from a corner:

End of an era!

At the end of the day, we made it safe, with all our bags through the airport, and despite all the I Hate China Days we both had, we left China with our spirits intact and smiles on our faces:

PVG < ICN < SEA one last time!

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