What is it about some islands?

I, Ana, am from an island. Some of the idiosyncrasies about Dominicans are weird considering our island status (the facts that we don’t eat more fish and aren’t strong swimmers in general, for example), which makes me wonder if that happens to other islanders. Islands come with a slower pace of life, usually pretty enviable weather, and of course, access to water (unless you’re Japan – so far I’ve only felt that island feeling in Kobe).

Guam, in terms of the “island factor”, might seem unpretentious and not that great. However, we are finding ourselves liking it more and more! This time around we rented a car (great idea!) and drove around the island in one afternoon. Yes, it is that small. We found some great viewpoints! (And if you’ve read us long enough you know I’m a sucker for good viewpoints). Here are some of the prettiest sights we got on our latest trip to Guam last February. Isn’t it beautiful?


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