I’m a Student Teacher!

Hi y’all!

This is Ana again. We’ve been back in Shanghai for a little over 2 weeks (3???). Cam has a big class this year – 18 kids, of which 10 or 11 are boys. So yeah! The big difference this year is that I’m now in the classroom full time! I’m in the home stretch! It’ll take a few months, but…I’m definitely closer!

I’ve been in the classroom for a week of prep and the first week with students. I work with students between 10th and 12th grade, including 2 AP classes. Those kids are ON.TOP of their game. I was on the discussion group for AP World History last night – Friday night history discussions, I mean, is this awesome or what??!! So far, so good! My supervising teacher is brilliant, she loves History as much as I do and she lives and breathes her job. She also happens to be super cool.

This is my view from the classroom desk:


Our biggest class is 8 kids. Super manageable!

I haven’t started teaching yet, but the AP US kids are taking their first quiz (made by me!) on Monday.

Wish me luck!

With love and history,



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