What’s coming up?

Hi all!

Here is a short summary of what’s coming up during our 3rd year in China (and will be slowly but steadily chronicled here!)

Travel: We are focusing on traveling within China during this year. We will spend Christmas and Spring Break in China – since they are not Chinese holidays, it’ll be easier to travel in China without the gigantic crowds of Chinese people that are on the move during national holidays. We will go back to Guam for Chinese New Year. (Don’t judge; Guam might be small, but it’s nice. It’s really nice, it’s like a little vacation from the language barrier and the Asian-ness). October Break is still on the fence, but you’ll find out!

Work: Cam will be teaching 4th grade at SCIS for the second year in a row. He will continue developing Lego robotics with upper elementary students this year. I will be student teaching at Shanghai Livingston American School for the first semester of the year. By next week, I’ll be done with all my Montana education classes and my Master’s requirement classes. I should also be finishing two more content classes shortly. So, I’ll have 4 content classes, my student teaching, and my capstone project to get my teaching certificate and my Master of Education (M.Ed).

Living: We will continue on our current apartment close to school in the southeast suburbs of Shanghai.

Other important stuff: Cameron has been taking classes on programming on Python. A lot of his practice work is game development. We believe that this is not only a great way to improve his science and technology skills and make him more marketable, but also sharpens his mind and is a creative outlet through which he can potentially do a lot of cool things for the classroom.

When I’m done with my Social Studies endorsement, I’ll dive right in and get a Spanish endorsement. I think I might be addicted to studying.

If you want to see more shenanigans, you can follow us on Instagram: @crmcgregor25 and @analinmcgregor

With love and ongoing adventures,


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