Summertime…living easy-ish

This is Ana – I figured it would be fun to show you a little bit of what has been one of our most mellow summers in a while.

Summer has come and gone. Can you believe it? Our original 2-year term in Shanghai has come to an end, and we are now on the eve of our 3rd year in Shanghai. We’ll discuss more about that in a different post. For now, let’s talk about summer, shall we?

I came to the US about 3 weeks ahead of Cameron. I mostly worked on school stuff, immigration business (JOY – NOT!) and went to a wedding/LLM reunion. It was so great to see my dear friends from such a fun and deliciously convoluted time of my life. And how could I possibly miss a wedding held at President Lincoln’s summer house? #welovelaw. All I can say. It also meant going back to DC, my absolutely favorite city in the United States.

We have been thinking about buying a house in the Oregon Coast for several years now. This summer we decided to rent one for a month to give it a trial run, how would we feel coming back in the summer to our own place and hosting, etc. We did it, and it was great! Above all, it allowed us to escape the Washington heat and be close to so many of our favorite places in the Oregon Coast, as well as spend some great time with good friends.

It’s been a good summer! We’ve treated ourselves, spent quality time with friends and family (this included our first brewery tour and my first minigolf experience!) and are now prepared to face what promises to be an exciting year ahead.

Here are some snaps from around Oregon – weather was perfect, we had one morning of rain! – and a little more.


With love and breathtaking coastlines,



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