What’s Coming Up – May 2015

Hi all!

This post will not include pictures or anything, but I think that’s okay. This is just a short breakdown of what are we up to now and what’s to come in the next few weeks and months. I like to do this ever so often to provide context to the blog posts that follow (kind of):

Cameron is currently wrapping up his second year teaching 4th grade at SCIS Pudong. Next year, he will continue teaching 4th grade. He will be back in the US at the end of June and return to Shanghai in early August. We tend to fly home separately (at least we have for the past few years) and come back together.

I’m still working on my M. Ed. and teaching certificate. By early August I will have taken half of my content deficiency classes, and all my Master’s classes. I will continue to take content classes as I student teach in the fall, and through the winter. I am also taking a class to become certified in CPR (a requirement to student teach). I should get my American Red Cross Adult CPR certificate in early June.

Cameron’s dad is coming over for his first visit to China this Wednesday! We will also take the ocassion to celebrate his 70th birthday. We are hoping to make it to Beijing with him so he can see some of the “world wonders” up there. This will be our first trip in Mainland China outside Shanghai. He and I will be returning to the US in early June.

I will be in the Valley until the end of June, with a short weekend visit to Washington DC for a wedding that will also hold my 5 year LLM class reunion. Kind of amazing what different routes we’ve taken after that. Also kind of hard to believe I haven’t seen my LLM friends in 4 or 5 years.

We are very much looking forward to our summer in the beautiful Oregon Coast!

With love and multiple activities,


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