Views from (one of) the Top(s)

Anyone that is acquainted with our travel habits knows by know how much we enjoy viewpoints, and looking down at cities from above. Viewpoints provide a really cool perspective of what a city looks like. Finding a high viewpoint and looking down is always on our to-do list when we travel.

It may seem strange to do this where you live, but it’s sometimes a good way to remember that you actually live in a cool, or not so bad, place. In highly polluted days, it’s always nice to go high up and look around and beyond.

Which is what happened yesterday evening!

After a successful (and by this I mean under an hour and a half) trip to the bank, we joined some colleagues for a FriYAY! drink at Cloud 9 – located on the 87th floor of the Jin Mao Tower. The Jin Mao Tower is one of the Big 3 of Shanghai: it’s that one, the Shanghai World Financial Center (popularly known as the Bottle Opener – it looks like one; Google it) and the soon to be completed Shanghai Tower, which upon completion will be the second tallest building in the world.

As of now, the Jin Mao Tower is the 10th tallest building in the world. #thisishowweroll – haha!

Basically Cloud 9 is a very tall bar with 360 views of Shanghai. Probably a very touristy thing to do, and the drinks are not exactly cheap, but it’s worth going on a special ocassion, soaking up the views and feeling fancy-ish.

With the polluted skies yesterday, we got a pretty nice sunset.

Please excuse the window reflections, pictures were taken with my phone.


With love and high hopes and dreams,


When you see it from that high, it’s almost funny how “tiny” the Pearl Tower kind of is.
Like I said, the windows kind of ruin it, but if there is one “good” thing about high pollution, is that the sun looks spectacular.
Don’t look too far down!
Count your blessings. I love big cities!

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