Funky Street Art in Downtown Shanghai

Shanghai tends to have pretty amusing streets. Whether it’s the old person in teddy bear pajamas, or kids with impossibly red cheeks in costumes (so many kids in sheep costumes during the Chinese New Year festivities! It was adorable – but I still don’t know what’s the etiquette when it comes to taking pics of children here…so no pictures. Sorry!), the terrible manners in traffic, people carrying a gutted pig on the back of the scooter…you see everything in this urban jungle.

A few weeks ago I had to go downtown for some passport and visa business, and came across these fun examples of street art. The cows I had seen in other cities, but I had never come across the fat bears. I wish I knew what those were for, but there was no inscription.

But hey, what’s life without whimsy?

Just some of the fun(ny) things sometimes we get to come across.


I mentioned on Facebook last month that we had been having a hard time sleeping during Chinese New Year. After some inquiring, it turns out that one of the reasons why Chinese blow so many fireworks during this time is to ward off evil spirits. Here are some pictures of the entrances to some of the buildings in our apartment complex a morning after some pyro action. Imagine this going on each night for about a week in pretty much every building of a 68 building complex. Yup. Tons of fun.

Some of the fireworks don’t even do anything, they just make noise. I’m honestly curious at how noise would ward off an evil spirit, but okay.

China for you, ladies and gents!

Until next time,


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