Party on a Boat

Happy 2015!

This is Ana from Cabarete. It’s always great to come back to one of my favorite places ever.

In this post, a little about our school’s Christmas party.

Our school can seriously put together some pretty amazing parties. Usually they are on or near the Bund, or a place with a view. This year, the place chosen was…a boat. One of those river cruises. Theme: nautical, of course. You are free to follow or not follow the theme. There is usually a healthy amount of room for interpretation.

In general conditions, we would have not gone (we didn’t last year, because as a non-teaching spouse, I’d have to pay, and it was a lot of money). This year, thanks to the generosity of some of the elementary teachers (I have yet to find out all the people involved in this scheme) who bought my ticket, we went. (After people are so nice, you can’t say no). It was a very touching gesture and it gave me my very own Sally Field moment (“they like me, they really like me!”). Haha!

I decided not to go with the theme after Cameron warned me that a) it would be cold – and he was right, and b) I looked not so flattering in my pencil skirt (Hello, Thanksgiving pounds!) So I decided to wear a “treat yo’self” dress I bought at ThredUp (if you’d like an email invite, let me know, we can each get $10!). Cameron went with the theme. It was a great night of eating, drinking and being merry.

Some snaps I got on my phone:

This city never ceases to amaze. The very tall building in this picture is Shanghai Tower – upon completion it will be the second largest building in the world!
Yes, The Lonely Island’s “I’m on a Boat” was played.
From our family to yours, have a truly blessed and kick-ass 2015!

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