Ana Travels Solo – Seattle/Dallas

Last October break I had my first transpacific travel experience on my own. Needless to say, I was fairly worried. If you know me, you know I consider planes a necessary evil to do something I love – travel. I don’t exactly look forward to being locked in a steel coffin for 12+ hours…but thanks to Cameron and experience, I’ve gotten better.

Cameron actually left for Indonesia the day before me, so it was up to me to make sure I had my shit together and made it through. I packed the night before, made sure everything was in place and called a driver ahead of time. Mr. Wang is the husband of one of the former teachers’ nanny. I like to take him on my airport rides because he charges the same as taxis (sometimes less), and is always half an hour early.

My flight over was Shanghai-Seoul-Seattle. It can be bumpy, but the first leg is only 2 hours and then the second leg is only 10 hours. Not a bad way to do it, especially considering what a pleasant airport Seoul-Incheon (ICN) is. My wonderful father-in-law drove all the way from Cheney to pick me up and drop me off in Dryden. I am very very loved and very very spoiled.

My two days in Dryden were spent taking care of schoolwork before the wedding, fighting jet lag, and being lovingly attacked by dogs. Not bad.

Bucko on my lap. She is sneaky. 

My friend Kayla’s wedding festivities began on a Wednesday – the wedding was on a Saturday. Her family throws great parties and are just incredibly caring people. I also had the chance to come over and help a bit with decor and prep, and see some of Kay’s friends that are now my friends whom I hadn’t seen in a long time. I’m very grateful I was able to go…my body however needed a few days to recover after the reception 🙂

Here are some of the pictures of the festivities:

This is the Villnow barn. We decorated the roof with lights for a Thursday celebration for family and friends.
Snoqualmie Ridge – we were able to get beautiful pictures out here during the cocktail hour. This was the reception venue.
This is what you call Pacific Northwest weather in full cooperation. Snoqualmie Falls.
Happy bride and happy friend. Kay and Bailey at the rehearsal dinner. 
This sign was outside the Villnow home and then at the reception; it had all the cities where people came from…including Shanghai, just for me. I was so honored! 
No one deserves to be happy like this girl. Absolutely stunning bride. So glad I was there!
She was on my wedding (caught the bouquet!), I was in hers. Love love this lady! 
The newlyweds, Jim and Kayla McCaffrey…right after the ceremony…at Kay’s favorite dive bar…for pre-reception drinks. This is how you do it. Or you get married at the beach. 

Since I do most of my sub teaching in the secondary school, and they would not be in session the week after October break due to class trips around China, I took the chance to stay in the US a bit longer and hang out with my Dallas-based friends. The fabulous newlyweds allowed me to stay in their awesome apartment (blocks away from my friends), so I had some wonderful days of alone time during the day and girl time at night.

It wasn’t until the middle of the week I realized where I was: DALLAS! You know, as in where JFK was killed??!! So as any decent history buff would, I spent my last day in Dallas checking out the Dealy Plaza area, including the building from where President Kennedy was killed. It was truly moving to be in a place where such an event happened.

President John F. Kennedy was shot from this building in November 1963, specifically from the 6th floor window. The 6th floor is now a museum dedicated to celebrate JFK’s life, work and presidency, as well as American culture in the 60s. 
The X on the pavement is where the shots hit President Kennedy the second time.
First shot at President Kennedy – this X is where the shots first impacted the motorcade.
John F. Kennedy Memorial, Dallas
“One person can make a difference and everyone should try”

My flight back was 14 and a half hours. On a window seat – the flight was chock full. Toronto to Shanghai. Not the most pleasant flight ever but certainly not the worst. I made it back happy but tired, grateful and best of all, to my Cameron in one piece and with all my documents. Hurray!

Sorry again, for the late updates…if you still want to see some shenanigans on a more instant experience, you can request to follow me on Instagram – my handle is analinmcgregor.

Hope you enjoy! Dallas, I’ll be back!

An (signing off like this today in honor of Kay, only she calls me that!)

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