Spring Break/Anniversary 2014: Thailand (long overdue!)

Hi all!
Analin again.

This is also an overdue post, but one worth sharing because a) Thailand is a beautiful, fun country, and b) We are totally keeping up with our goal of being in a different country (or place new to both of us) for our wedding anniversary (March 31).

Spring break is not really a holiday in China. They do have a holiday around which our school builds spring break which is how we get a week out of it. This past school year, the school flew all the staff to Thailand for a regional school conference – free plane ticket for Cameron, ca-ching! – so we were in Bangkok for a few days. While Cameron was at the conference, I stayed in the hotel and worked. This is the view from our room window:

I did go sightseeing one day – I visited the Imperial Palace with some other teachers that played hookie from the conference. Sadly, I don’t think I have any pictures because Cam lost the memory card where most of the Thailand pics were. Boo hoo. I can say though, this palace is beautiful. Very ornate with beautiful statues, gardens, and a lot of gold panels! A big portion of this palace is coated in real gold. One of the most beautiful buildings I’ve seen in my life. Google it.

After the conference was over, we had about a week left on holiday, so Cam did some research and found us a place to go after a recommendation from a travel blogger. From Bangkok we had to first fly to a city called Trat. There is not a whole lot to see and/or do in Trat, it’s a takeoff point to take boats to smaller islands in the Gulf of Thailand and you can also take buses to Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia (it’s a 5 hour bus ride). Here is a picture of the tiny plane we took, and the Trat landing area:

We spent the night in Trat before taking a boat the next day to Ko Kut, which is a tiny island off the Gulf Coast of Thailaind. This is the place where we stayed in Trat:

This is the entrance. If there is one thing I loved about Thailand is that there are flowers, and flower crowns, everywhere.

Look who it is!

We took off from Trat and this is what it looked like even before getting to the island:

Good omen, right?

Our time in Ko Kut was just a week of relaxing, eating delicious Thai food, reading, snorkeling (this was awesome! We saw clams and sea urchins and giant clams and fish of every color. We bought water shoes so we could walk through the rocks and seaweeds, which made it easier.

Here are some of the pictures we took with my phone. Beautiful sunsets!

The place we stayed at had about 20 bungalows scattered around a bit of a hill, right by the ocean.
The owner had re-opened about 7 months before. The hotel holds only about 30 people, and while there were other couples there while we were, we never really ran into anyone except at breakfast time. 
It was so great to celebrate our 2 year anniversary in a place this beautiful. Where should we go next spring? 
Until next time, Analin

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