Long overdue: Chinese New Year Celebration at SCIS

The Year of the Horse came with a bang to our school community. It was a lovely function and I was very, very happy I attended. Cameron was backstage with his own kids so we didn’t get to see each other, but it was OK. The Lower School (Pre-K to 5th grade) and the Upper School (grades 6-12) did separate performances and since I wasn’t working that day, I was able to attend both, and do some videos, which is what this post is about.

One of the things I appreciate most about this school is how appreciative and respectful they are in regards to Chinese culture and traditions. So often expats move to a new country, live there for years, and know nothing about what the country and the people are all about. Here, kids start studying Mandarin since probably Pre-K. So if you work hard, and stay for a while, you can probably end up being pretty decent in a language so notoriously difficult for Westerners. `But every Chinese celebration is observed in our school. Children have opportunities to help and interact with kids from migrant families who come to the city to work. They get a chance to see that China is more than the shiny buildings and the factories, and get to scrape at least a bit of the surface of this country’s great history and traditions.

Please excuse the quality of the videos; I was recording on my phone. But we hope you enjoy these.

Happy Year of the Horse once more!

The McGregors – Cam and Analin

(Please let us know if you have issues opening the videos. I’ll upload more in the next couple of days. Sorry again for the delay!)

Video #1 – these are NOT students – these are professional acrobats that were invited for the ceremony.

Video #2 – These are students! All part of the high school dance program. I happened to substitute for the dance teacher one day and got to see this on rehearsals. I just love it.

 I’ll work on uploading the dragon dance videos and some other fun stuff by the younger kids in the next couple of days. Also coming up soon: a little babble about out stint in Thailand.

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