What have we been up to and what’s coming up

Dear all,

I just wanted to give you a quick brief on what’s been going on and what’s gonna be up in the next couple of months.

– Preparing and having student-led conferences this week (reports were that they all went OK). A field trip to the Shanghai Aquarium today. Report cards going home next Wednesday (Cameron really buckled down and worked on his comments like a champ! I was so proud of him! No procrastination, just determination. Those headphones I got him for Christmas have paid off already). Attending EARCOS Conference in Bangkok next weekend along with SCIS professional development activities (with all 3 schools).

-Subbing has picked up during March after an awfully quiet February. I have now been officially accepted into Montana State University’s Northern Plains Transition to Teaching program (I will earn my teaching certificate and Master of Education [M. Ed] within the next 3 years. Signing up for content deficiency classes at Louisiana State University. New baby niece (Lena Aimee); born quite early but making nice progress. Joining a community choir for a performance at the F1 Shanghai Grand Prix on April 20. We’re singing “One Moment in Time” by Whitney Houston on a choral arrangement. For this I’ll do an alto arrangement (lower than my usual register) but I haven’t sung on an ensemble in 8 years so I need to take it slow, haha.

Both of us:
– We are on one of those NCAA March Madness bracket things with other people at SCIS (my bracket already kind of got messed up but winner will be determined by who gets the most games right not who picks the champion I think). It’s fun but nerve wrecking. March Madness is glorious regardless.
– Our two year wedding anniversary is March 31 (so grateful and overjoyed that I get to be with such a wonderful, supportive, fun person as my life mate!) for which we will be in Thailand. The conference and PD activities end that day so we will have a spring break holiday in Koh Kut, a small island on Thailand’s west coast. Yes, our anniversary was kind of planned to ensure we would have time off almost all the time due to Spring Break. I’m clever! We are well on our way to spend each anniversary in a different country. Grateful to be able to do it!
– Possibly traveling to Hong Kong in May. Not sure yet.
– Back to America in June (me; June 7, Cameron, June 22). I’m in the Dominican Republic June 8- July 3. We will be between Washington and Oregon as usual in the summer. Cameron will be spending some father-son time with his dad during our time in the States. We return to Shanghai on August 4.
– Looking for a new apartment: while we like our current apartment very much, we’d like a bit more storage space and spare bedrooms that can be an office/guestroom and a storage/workout room. We plan on staying within the Haifu complex (we like it, rent is within our price range, it’s nice to have the convenience of the school shuttle on rainy or very windy/cold/pollutiony days, and by being so close to school I have an edge on sub gigs). We will probably start talking to a realtor when we come back from Thailand.

As you can see we have pretty busy lives here (much busier than they were in the Dominican) and we are enjoying all the activity and people we get to live and work with. We are however very much looking forward to seeing those of you we don’t see as often in the summer.

Big love,


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