Travel Sightings: Two Lovers Point, Guam

Every country and city has a landmark that everyone visits. It’s that one place that everyone agrees it’s worth going to, regardless of the crowds, or how worn-out by amateur photos it might be. In Guam, that place would be Two Lovers Point.

View of Tumon Bay from the Two Lovers Point lookout.

The name Two Lovers Point derives from a Chamorro legend. According to the legend, there was a Chamorro chief who had this daughter who was promised in marriage to a Spanish captain (Guam was occupied by the Spanish for a little bit. Another fun fact is that this is where Magellan – the explorer – ended his round-the-world trip). She was a little distraught by this, then met a young Chamorro man with whom she fell in love. Her father was furious and went to find her with the Spanish captain. While being chased, they were trying to fun away but ran out of room on this cliff. Legend is then they tied the ends of their hair together and jumped to their deaths on this cliff.

A mural depicting the legend. 

Needless to say, this is a mandatory visit for couples. The souvenir shops sell hearts and locks in which you can write your initials and pin them on the trees and fences.

Here are some more shots from the viewpoint:

Yeah, if you jump from here, you are sure as hell not gonna make it.                   

And of course, we had our picture taken (we just set the auto-shoot and set the camera over a rock). Sorry it’s so dark, it was really overcast!!!

On my next post, week number 2 of our break: Manila.

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