(Mis) Communication-based happy accidents

Today on the way back from the grocery store I stopped by one of the street vendors on the back of our complex, since they had parsley,  I needed some, and the store didn’t have any.
I bent over the bunch of parsley,  pointed at it, and the pointed the number one (so meaning one bunch of parsley), because of course,  I don’t know the Mandarin word for parsley. 
The elderly lady tending to the stand smiles a toothless grin and points out the number 4. Okay. 4 RMB for some parsley.  Sure. Less than a dollar.
Then she proceeds to bag all the parsley she has.
Then I try to tell her I’ll maybe just take half. 
She folds all the parsley inside the bag.
Upon telling this story to Cameron once he arrived home, he informs me she was probably just haggling – I offered one RMB for the bunch and her  first offer was 4.
Well okay then.
The question remains:
What the heck am I supposed to do with this giant bunch of parsley?
UPDATE: Most of my parsley has gone into the green juices I’ve been making (believe the hype, green juices are AWESOME!). A big chunk of it also went to the quinoa tabbouleh I made for Cam’s dinner yesterday.

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Living and teaching in the Middle East - previously in China, South Korea, and Hawaii (US). This is our blog dedicated to our travels and life living abroad...as well as some other fun stuff!

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