Random Shanghai Pictures

Bonus post of the day:

I love lights. Especially the small kinds of lights you most often see during Christmas season. Here is a quick snap at West Nanjing road at night. West Nanjing is crazy busy at all times: there are lots of stores, bars, restaurants, a giant market of all awesome knock-offs, and more. These lights always make me smile and in my opinion, give streets a dreamy glow:

And now, something not so dreamy but it makes me laugh despite the creepiness. It took me a while to figure out what these were until Cam explained they are…

Mouse pads.

I guess the criteria to make these is, if you’re going to spend countless hours clicking on a mouse, why not have your wristband resting comfortably in the super inflated boobs of a Japanese animated character?

Ah, China. Gotta love it.

Stay classy,


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