Historical Shanghai – Part 1

Dear Readers,

Time for another post and once again, I’ll make empty promises about blogging more often and being more diligent about it, so here we go!

Here we are, in Shanghai, enjoying its splendors. Its sights, its smells and its glory!  I had this week off from work due to a Chinese National Holiday (which one…I’m not sure), but it’s been a nice week.

The holiday started off with us spending a couple of nights at the Hyatt on the Bund (the area here in Shanghai that looks extremely European and runs along the Huangpu River).  That weekend, we had some Dongbei food (northern Chinese cuisine) and it’s pretty fantastic…not to mention cheap. Had we been Norse Gods, I could have said the mead flowed freely at said meal, but alas we are not the keepers of the heavens so I won’t say it….though certain other amber liquids were offered quite freely.

We also managed to see the Yuyuan Gardens (which date back to the mid-16th Century under the Ming Dynasty).  Aside from the hordes of not so tranquil tour groups (I’m looking at you Russian people…and maybe you too Frenchies…), the gardens themselves were beautiful and tranquil, with Koi gracefully gliding under the streams and history becoming one with the present.

Jing’an Temple…another glorious, ancient (at least it APPEARS ancient) masterpiece in the heart of modern Shanghai and is situated next to a not so ancient mall.  This Buddhist temple is now defunct, in that there no longer any monks there (perhaps I should say it’s now….de-‘monked’….eh, eh!), and serves exclusively as a tourist attraction, and a place for locals to go a pray.  Yet it is exquisite in its beauty and unlike Yuyuan Gardens, was peaceful in the extreme; the kind of place one goes to disappear from people despite your constantly being surrounded there.

There were other foods and things seen, but perhaps those will come in my next blog as they are not so worth writing about as these.  Enjoy, Dear Readers, and check out these posts (Hyatt & Jing’an Temple) for photos associated with these blog posts!

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