And awwwwwwwaaaaaaaayyyyyyy we go!

So here we are, our first blog post on our brand new blog! Here’s where you’ll find all our stories, some photos along with links to others and whatever else you need to get you Cameron and Analin fix whilst we’re away in Shanghai!

I don’t forsee us having any real trouble accessing our blog while in China, however, if the situation arises, we’ll be sure to let everyone know so that you can continue to follow us! As of right now, we’re slowly preparing for the big move. So far it’s been incredibly sad packing up our things (yes, it’s early as we don’t leave for the states until late June, but we’ll be living with Ana’s mother for most of the rest of our time here) and realizing just how much we’ll miss our apartment and our lives here, specifically friends and family, but little things as well. We’ll miss colmados and being by the water (which we’ve taken for granted…my fault really), we’ll miss the beaches (GOD, I’ll miss the beaches…probably more than Ana, but who knows!) we’ll miss the ease of being able to communicate and knowing how things work and don’t work as the case may be. All of these add up to something special, to “home”. Right now this is our home and has been for some time and we’re leaving it behind to build a new one, much like birds who fly south for the winter and establish themselves until it’s time to return.

Each time you leave a place you start to regret all things you didn’t do. I don’t know why this happens, but it seems that more often than not, we miss the forest for the trees. So it was with me in Seattle, to an extent in Russia and again here in the DR. You get so caught up in life you just don’t have the time and energy (or money) and you don’t do everything you want to.  Overall, however, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done here and I believe Ana is as well and we have vowed to make the very best of our time in Shanghai!

So, stay tuned Dear Readers and get ready for the adventures of Team McGregor!

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Living and teaching in the Middle East - previously in China, South Korea, and Hawaii (US). This is our blog dedicated to our travels and life living well as some other fun stuff!

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